Forfatter, digter Ole Madsen

To the gamer

To the gamer
Fresh out of the battle
Buying houses, lots of cattle
To the gamer who seeks peace instead of distress
To you I need to confess
That hiding in a den might be good for us
In a world that dont give a fuss
So when they dont care anyway
Dont be filled with sadness or dismay
Cause we ourselves are in charge of our lives
That is, if the power is not taken from us by our wifes
But still, if I had to choose
I would avoid the booze
And hide myself in a game
Make up a person and a name
So goodbye world, you had your chances
I just seek out my game for inhances

Gaming is a therapy

Gaming is a therapy
It is was the doctor said
It is not a ology
Just walk up to the counter, he get paid

For the game that you need
A recepy indeed
Against darkness and distress
The world is a mess
So shut your door to it all
You stay inside and have a ball

Training in a game

Are you up for a fight?
Gamers delight
It is like training your human mind and skills
Even if it feel like you are going up hills
You train yourself mentally
You train your perception and endurance
Lots of other things a game will influence
So take your time and dive in
In the end you will win
Over those lacks in your life that a game will fulfill
But you also has to go to work to pay your bills
But other than that
Dont eat the cat
Jump into a game
Dont be in it for the fame
Just shield yourself from the outside of despair
In that way you will not rip out your hair
Have a good game

A gamers delight

A gamers delight
Bad news are out of sight
To be in a element of clean air
Not in darkness and despair
Such is the world now and to come
But I just stay safe in my room
Here I am the boss
The outside noise I dont give a foss
So stay out if you bring despair
I dont need to rip out my hair
I just need to live quietly
Pay my taxes in this society
But leave me alone
This is my home

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